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This Friday on the season finale of ‘The Front Row’, you can expect to see Shraddha and Alia.

On Shraddha it’s a Bibhu Mohapatra Resort 2013 dress and on Alia, a Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna top and Zara pants. Both ladies finished out their looks with pumps.

The young actors look pretty good. It’s a tricky top but one that Alia wears well; she looked great! And the feminine, flirty dress works real well on Shraddha too.

You can tune in to The Front Row‘s season finale on 21st June, Friday at 8:30pm on Star World India.

alia bhatt and shraddha kapoor on the front row with anupama chopra

Shraddha Kapoor (Left) And Alia Bhatt On The Sets Of The Front Row With Anupama Chopra

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  1. What IS this top that Alia is wearing? It seems like an appendage a busy diner waitress would wear…and those hanging inserts can be whipped out to clean the tables in a jiffy!

  2. The tied up hair on Alia makes such a huge difference on Alia (or anyone in bollywood for that matter). Am not a fan of the 2 front flaps on her top.
    Wish Shradha did something interesting with her hair too.

  3. Just because Alia’s outfit looks weird & different doesn’t mean its good!! God! I hate blind worshiping of fashion!

    If that whole unnecessary fabric (towelettes et al.) around Alia’s hip was ripped off, the top would look much better and so would she….right now it just looks ridiculous!

  4. shraddha is looking lovely. alia’s top is not nice at all but it’s great she’s experimenting. she can just about get away with it. btw, i just saw aishwarya’s pics at royal ascot and she looks stunning!!!

  5. I don’t like either.. Whats with the detail on the bottom of Shraddha’s dress. Looks like the designer wanted to use an Old saris Border somewhere and found this was the right place to use it.
    Have to agree with everyone else Alia does look a waitress.
    Love her pumps though.

  6. I don’t even care how ugly that top is. I’m just glad Alia invested in some better (you can say that) shoes. Yay to no more black pumps.

  7. Alia looks the best I’ve seen on this blog anyway – neck up that is. The ponytail and the fresh makeup look beautiful. That top however looks like a project runway reject. SO OVERdesigned!

    Shraddha looks fresh and lovely as always. I love that she has such an unassuming approach to her style yet always looks well put together

  8. Alia’s top is a little OTT. While the color of Shraddha’s dress is pretty, I don’t quite like the design. They both look pretty though.

  9. I do get the intended design on Alia’s top but it looks too backache-belt-y for me to work. Having said that, the colors work well together and on Alia. The hair ties everything else together.
    Shraddha carries whatever is worth carrying in that dress quite well. I am not a fan of that hair. Even Madhuri seems to have gotten the hair memo.


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