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Wearing a pearl encrusted Shivan and Narresh sari (and blouse), Shilpa filmed an episode of her television show. And jewelry from Isharya rounded out her look. Let’s face it, this look isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, that blouse sure isn’t mine for one. But Shilpa on her part did wear the dramatic sari well; she made it work!

Shilpa Shetty On Super Dancer Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    this is beyond ridiculous. Makes me think of a clown that raided a pearl exhibition.
    Even more funny is the statement “she did wear the dramatic sari well; she made it work!”

    • I am hoping these are fake pearls..And I do wish this forum talked more about ethical and compassionate fashion choices…Its sad how celebrities give no second thought to leather, silk and the likes…

  2. I have to say this, Shilpa is the epitome of ‘OTT’. She is so beautiful and I honestly like her personality but her sartorial sense is just blah. I am not aware if she has a stylist and even if she has one, I wouldn’t blame that person. I think it is just Shilpa who likes to be dolled up head to toe in bold colours, busy patterns and in your face jewellery. I have never seen Shilpa going easy except in her teenager skirts. She needs to go easy on herself.

          • Hahah! Sorry didn’t read your earlier comment, so here goes. Some people can pull off an outfit even though one may think that there is no way this works on anyone. Think of a Rekha. Her all gold heavy jewellery wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but she makes it work. Ranveer with his crazy combos. He pulls it off. In this case, what Priyanka is saying that perhaps a you, me or Priyanka wouldn’t wear this combo, Shilpa makes it work.

  3. She looks beyond ridiculous. There is an actual white cow with udders and all on her sleeve. So we can’t complain about the designers not paying attention to details!

  4. If this is costume yes she wears it well ..but if this is what she thinks is “Fashion” ..then boy ..not even her stylists can help her

  5. In minority here, but the saree is nice! I absolutely detest the blouse but having a pearl trimmed chiffon saree is not a bad idea at all. In fact, the weight of the pearls makes the chiffon pallu fall so beautifully.
    It is the blouse that makes it look so tacky – in reality, if the blouse had just ONE line of pearls near the neckline and sleeves or been a plain black sleeveless one, I would have loved the whole look.
    Some people like busy prints (*cough me *cough) and I actually like the print and colors too. Again, it is the blouse. If only..

  6. I’m super intrigued – how DOES she find the most outlandish outfits of every kind (dress, evening gown, saree, jumpsuit etc.) so consistently?

  7. I guess I have terrible taste because I actually love the blouse had it been worn with a plain black sari.
    The sari itself is fine too but should have been worn with a plain, unembellished blouse.
    But yes, as is, it is pretty OTT and busy.


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