Black Was The Night

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For both these lovely ladies at the GQ Awards, it was a long black dress with cutouts. It may be unfair to compare the two but you’ve got to agree, a black dress is one for the ages, non? Of course, it’d help if it was a good black dress. The gorgeous Ms. Mallar had us wishing for a different pair o’ shoes… Neither the height, nor the overspill works. And the dress itself wasn’t the best. As for Ms. Lulla, though the dress (ASOS) and accessories work, the same ol’ hair was a definite downer.

Sheetal Mallar And Nishka Lulla In ASOS At GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013

Sheetal Mallar (Left) And Nishka Lulla At GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Neither worked for me..especially sheetal…she is looking all sort of wrong here….Ms.Lulla is not looking great too and i agree with you guys here…hair is to blame here…

  2. Oh no! How the mighty have fallen – why would the gorgerous Sheetal turn up at an event wearing something so tacky! Terrible hair n make-up too. Such a shame coz she’s such a stunner.
    Nishka -Looks nice-ish. Cant complain.

  3. Lol. There are like two overspills on Sheetal and both are eww. Nishka looks nice compared to her. Guess anyone would like nice in this case.


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