Sari Style

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Not a fan of either of these saris the ladies chose, are you?

Whether we like the saris or not though, it’s great to see so many embrace it at the event. Now that, we like.

L To R: Sarah Jane Dias, Alicia Raut And Deepti Gujral At Filmfare Awards 2012

L To R: Sarah Jane Dias, Alicia Raut And Deepti Gujral

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Indeed PnP, its nice to see these ladies wear sarees to this event. Except for the slight boob shows and rather short blouses (red & green), i think they are worn pretty well by all.

  2. Anytime anyone from Bollywood does saree, its all same old net saree with everything exposed draped as slutty as possible with a mere sparkly bra as holding on to dear life as a blouse. Any true fashionista would want to set herself apart by donning something different, something like an ACTUAL SAREE!! Yes ladies, they exist, India has a great tradition of exquisite fabrics and great weaving producing breath taking sarees. How about a Sambalpuri or Bomkai silk saree or one of those fab south sarees?? In this sheepish Manish Malhotra crowd, you would look positively avant garde with something traditional and fabulous.

  3. Each one to their own opinion.. sarah jane styled by the little black bow looks sophisticated and elegant.. rewind 40 years…and this is probably what was lingering.. I love the fact that it is’nt loud and shimmery.. the little details in the embroidery catch my eye.The work done is exempliary and neat.. it is’nt complicated. The colours are fresh.. what more would you want?


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