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After this debacle, seeing her appropriately dressed sure is a welcome change!

Not digging the ‘anarkali’ itself though!

p.s: Don’t miss the clear heels… Such a no-no-noooo!!


Riya Sen While Promoting ‘Heroes’


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  1. I’m not digging that look. IMO, she’s one of those women who looks best in revealing clothes. The covered-up look does nothing for her.

  2. I think she looks nice, don’t like the sandals though.
    Love the colour of the anarkali, also soooo nice to see an anarkali that is soft georgette (or is it chiffon), very flowy.
    Bipasha Basu or Shilpa Shetty etc would look WOW in this.
    I just remember that yellow-red one Bips wore in Dubai, thats when i first fell in love with “anarkali’s”.

  3. look more like platform pumps to mee …
    I think this would look lovely if her posture was better and he rmakeup made her look less like a demonic child

  4. ah – p*rnstar heels! ROFL. funny she should wear them. the colour is pretty but she is losing that petite girly thing that was her USP


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