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At Neelam Kothari’s store launch, there’s little doubt who stole the show… It was Twinkle all the way! Grey tee, navy blazer and denims, perfectly pulled together by her choice of accessories. Love it!

Who were your favorites from the store launch?

Twinkle Khanna At Neelam Kothari’s Store Launch

L To R: Raveena Tandon, Anu Dewan, Sussanne Khan Roshan And Bhavna Pandey At Neelam Kothari’s Store Launch

L To R: Mehr Jessia Rampal, Sharmila Khanna And Rhea Pillai At Neelam Kothari’s Store Launch

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  1. There’s no competition here! Twinkle shines like a star! (lol – sorry couldnt resist). She looks flawless yet again. I cannot understand Anu Dewan’s look. A Hermes evelyn to a launch event?! And worn like that?!!! Shock! Ok let me scroll up and drool over Twinkle again…

  2. Anu Dewan looks like she’s ready to take on the store’s paint job..and Mehr face desperately needs some makeup.. Twinkle is a hundred notches above the rest…Bhavna looks lovely too, Raverna and Suzzane are two beautiful women who can’t seem to find good clothes!

  3. my God, Twinkle has a finely tuned sense of style, she looks so fabulous! And look at that…..in the second pic, we even get a full blown smile :)

    now, I too shall scroll back up and drool over Twinkle’s pics haha..

  4. twinkle twinkle little star,
    how i’ve wondered where you were,
    up above the other starlets so high
    like a diamond in the sky…..

    how does Twinkle manage to have such flawless style! So glad to see her back on your pages. Please keep Twinkle sightings coming :-)

  5. Was there a ” jeans only” dress code because everybody seems to be in jeans?
    Gorgeous Twinkle and Bhavna Pandey is the best of the rest.

  6. I started off wanting to contardict you,but couldnt find a single point to… and extra marks to Twinkle for her hairdo… that one can look so chic in denims… wow, wow

  7. Twinkle looks super; the orange adds a nice pop of colour! She looks great in jeans, Herve dresses, salwars, sarees…love her sense of style! Yes yes, pls do show us a pic of Neelam as well!

  8. God! Twinkle Khanna, take a bow! I love her hairstyle – few celebrities deviate from the same old versions of layered, coloured, longish hair.

  9. Twinkle looks super classy..I’m loving Bhavna’s look too..& I think Mehr needs some TLC for the face…she needs to book herself for a facial like ASAP!

  10. How lovely and perfectly put together is Twinkle!!

    Bhavna looks good too. Rhea is nice. Mehr needs make up, even though I am a fan of her no make up look most of the time.

    Anu Dewan is totally missing the point of a cross body purse.

  11. I cannot believe all these women turned up so dressed-down for an event. They usually don’t pass any opportunity to flash their jewels and designer bags;)

  12. I think Anu looks frumpy because her bag is on the other shoulder and the paps cant get a proper picture of her hermes! :P

    Coming to Twinkle, how gorgeous is this woman! This is one of the best looks I have seen in sometime. She stands several notches above the rest! FABULOUS!

  13. I wish i were an English major. I so want a write up here of all the synonyms for Fabulous!! Love twinkle.

    I am surprised that not many mention Rhea. I think she looks simple and elegant, better than Bhavna. Nota fan of those frills and bunched waist.

  14. Twinkle looks lovely. that centre part makes her look more mature but like her mother she seems ready to age gracefully. Its a refreshing change when you see Sridevi and Madhuri struggle to look young.

  15. how come there’s not a single post not liking twinkle’s dress. I had written one myself. Seems like this site is run by twinkle or her B.I.T.C.H.E.S!!!!


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