Fab Or Drab?

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The fit of the dress doesn’t look very flattering, does it…?

(p.s: will swap out with a better image when we come across it!)

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Priyanka Chopra At Zee Astitva Awards 2008


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  1. That dress is ugly and way too tight which is why it is crinkling and showing a paunch.

    How can she sit in such a tight dress? Plus she must be walking funny. LOL

    Enough with the western dresses, it is officially boring.

  2. that dress is clearly too small for her.. am surprised it didnt rip apart at the seams through the evening – even ignoring the bad fit, its such an ugly dress.

  3. most indian actresses these days seem pretty fit/toned (esp. compared to a decade ago) but i think they all have a bit of a paunch and need to realize this when they wear such tight dresses!! i mean priyanka has a fabulous body, but that dress and the way it draws attention to probably the one area of her body which is not toned is not fair!

    i also would like to see her in indian clothes, seems she is very much always in dresses. but love love love her haircut! its very fresh and modern

  4. omg..was she trying to be a kareena kappor? honey.,.its not about the size! its about the way you pull off your size! omgggggg! cant believe she was miss world!

  5. that dress is so ugly.. so badly ugly.. firstly it has these color straps.. then it has this lace thing going and thirdly its fit is suffocating.. PC>. get out, now!

  6. if the dress was strapless and lost the extra design and was a better fit…she would of had looked much better,

    btw.nice simple shoes are always great. they’re some gorgeous shoes


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