The Fab. The Good. The Nightmare.

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At the unveiling of first look at ‘Fashion’, Priyanka looked absolutely fab in her McQueen’ish dress! And while Mugdha looked good too, she ruined it by wearing not-so-great shoes and matching her eye-liner and eye-shadow to the blue of her dress!! Eecks. But hey, nothing took the cake like Kangana did!

Strange dress, yellow satin sash, red flowers-to match-the red of her clutch-to match-the red pumps… What was Kangana thinking? Or was she?

priyanka_fashion_first_look1.JPG mugdha_fashion_first_look.JPG

L To R: Priyanka Chopra, Mugdha Godse, Kangana Ranaut

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  1. is she playin a model or a woman of ill-repute i wonder, not even liking her Gucci clutch after seeing such drool worthy othr vrsions of it!

  2. oh please… priyanka looks TERRIBLE! so boring in her about to fall asleep. atleats kangana looks summery! why would priyanka wear GREY during SUMMER?
    whats with priyanka and her sudden tight-mini dress obsession???

  3. nahin!! nobody looks like a fashion diva here! puhlease!
    PC looks like she has a towel wrapped around her
    Mugdha Godse looks like a s**t
    and come to think of it even Kangana looks like one.. OMG.. why cant they do something different, considering they are in “Fashion”!!

    the only thing i like are PC’s shoes..

  4. Priyanka looks boring… I hate her shoes and the weird split in the back of her dress.

    I actually think Mugdha looks the best out of the 3 of them.

    Kangana would have looked nice if the top part of the dress wasn’t so weird and sleazy with her bikini top hanging out.

  5. Is Kangna Ranaut dressed for a costume party? Or has she lost her marbles? Or has she come to a costume party dressed like a hawaiian hooker who has lost her marbles? Hahahaha

  6. Priyanka looks B O R I NG, like she always does

    the middle chick is unfortunate looking

    Kangana looks the best out of the three but not her best

  7. I find Kangana trying too hard to create a statement making look from this and the recent posts. She can take Shilpa’s “look at me” crown. I don’t like Mughda’s look. I prefer this look of Priyanka to the others she has sported. The dress looks bulky around the bust from this angle, and she doesn’t look the best. However, she has stepped up.

  8. @surbhi…it isn’t nice to call someone a s**t. such a derogatory term

    u know, i always wonder why indian ppl match eye shadow to colour of outfit as i thought it was “against the rules”…but then, maybe that rule doesn’t exist in india since everyone sports that look.maybe it’s just a western thing?

  9. Priyanka is BORING . Mugdha is FLASHY .

    But kangana , Oh Dear , Look at the amazing attitude that Face is radiating , Why did she spoil it with that Ghastly clutch/ribbon-whatever/hooker-dress !!!

    kangana could have done wonders … But still the LOOK on her Face saves the day for her !!!

  10. i think mughda looked best despite her bad make up. i love the electric blue color of her dress. i agree with surbhi, pc looks like she has a towel wrapped around her. kangana looks like she’s playing out her character of an actress who goes mad in that film she did with shiney ahuja.

  11. PC looks Fab yes. She shows such class in her dressing I think. I like the muted look. But I wish she smiled more. Is it just me or she always sports that serious look?

    And I actually love the yellow on Kangana…but the top part does look a bit sleazy. Otherwise she looks good.

    And am tired of that blue. Can’t take that color anymore.

  12. okay, so kangana’s making me cackle really bad. She looks like an anarkali wanabe stuck in the future.. PC’s shoes would’ve been nice if they hadn’t had the black strap..

  13. priyanka looks soo good.

    mugdha needs to tone down her eye make up. but she also looks fab. & that blue is getting too boring/annoying.

    kangana really looks like shes going to a beach or some island getaway. btw. her dress reminds me of what ….

  14. let me see one of u dressed once even close to these three chicks.. its very easy to just comment n call s**t or hooker n shantanu nikhil dress a towel… hmmmm… i think they all look presentable..


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