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The dress is aiiite, the tan accessories (belt and shoes) bit of a downer but that hair… is Fab!! Finally a do that can’t be faulted and going by that alone, Ms. Chopra looks fab!


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. what a shining example of doing sequins wrong.

    the upper half of the outfit screams trendy mommy and the lower half just tacky.
    the red sequinned skirt is hard to pull off and no toning it down with tan won’t do.

  2. This haircut is really suiting her :) Wish she’d worn something better to show it off. What a bad dress,the accessories make it worse.
    I love how her make-up is always flawless and perfect. :)

  3. god, enuf already with the too short for comfort dresses/skirts..everyone know you have great legs,piggy chops!
    neck up,she looks great; neck down, road kill

  4. I might me among the minority here but I actually like the dress/ skirt+top! And, contrary to popular opinion, I am sure she can sit quite comfortably in that!!!

    It’s short, but a workable length, most teenage girls in California wear shorts/ casual dresses about this length and they manage pretty fine.

    However, I do not like the accesories, I think it’s a very tricky dress to carry off and her belt and shoes totally killed any chances she had of wearing it right. Oh. Well

      • how on earth is a towel in anyway similar to this dress? This is a perfectly legitimate piece of clothing

        And sorry, but I do not believe in restricting a woman’s clothing choice just because she isnt in her teens: that’s ageist. She has the body and she is rocking this (in my opinion)
        And besides, ultimately it’s HER choice what length she wants to wear, not either of ours.

  5. The outfit is a complete and utter WTHeyy. That belt does not go with that monstrosity of a dress. Seriously, I can’t believe she wen out in that :|
    The hair however is the best hair I have ever seen on her.

  6. wow, how could she wear that tacky outfit? And that blingy portion was the worst part! The shoes are fine, but what’s with the red-nailpolish again? Ewwww
    Too Matchy Matchy!
    the belt is fine & the face is ok!
    Everyone was appreciating the hair, may be it is because of the dark background that her hair wasn’t clear enough!


  7. love short hair and this one is my all time fav cut.
    even bips looked amazing in this style. wonder why she grew it out.
    nice dress, color and makeup.

  8. Really PnP? I have to disagree. Hate the dress or whatever it is that she’s wearing, hate the cheap pink, hate the tan accessories. Her hair is completely overshadowed by her overall poor look. And no, the hairdo isn’t all that good; but better than the fried-hair-unsuitable-extensions look I guess.

  9. yaawwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    —- for the yet again ‘short hair’ and ‘short dress’ look…


  10. i think if the skirt thing was worn with somethign else maybe like a black top or like a black jacket without any sequins or any other shiny stuff which she can find.. it would have looked fab and young..
    although the shoes are very nice but with this dress i dont think they go tooo well .. plus the hair .. its too p roper to be wearing a colorful and a party outfit..


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