Of Lil’ Dresses

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After having given us such a dramatic look in her caftan, these feel a little staid on Ms. Bhatia but that’s no fault of these lil’ dresses.

I quite like the bespoke Savio Jon dress (below, left)… the ombre one, not so much (though, Payal prefers the ombre one herself). For me, while the dress itself is nice, it’s a little too cutesy.

Footwear from both her appearances is a whole other story… the shoes absolutely kill it for her.


Left: At Olive’s Anniversary Bash
Right: At Olive


Pratima Bhatia

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. first off–the dresses are not “lil” and both of them look pretty bleh…if forced to choose I’d go with the right one…wierd sleeve length though…a belt would’ve helped her cause…she just looks so tired and “couldn’ care less…”

  2. neither of them are ugly. but neither of them are great. and i actually don’t mind the shoes she wore in the photo on the right.

  3. I love her in Savio’s deconstructed look so different. And her Dior saddle in the second! She looks cute. Though I wouldn;t call these dresses little.

  4. Once again, she is lovely in both. the savio dress is so yummy, but i would not be able to wear it like her. actually like th open sandals – . the other dress is dull colors but very casual look . lovely for evening . i think its hers.


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