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While cute, Prachi Desai is yet to wow us! As for Suneeta Rao, anything is an improvement over her last couple of appearances

Prachi Desai
Sunita Rao

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  1. Prachi’s probably borrowed this dress from her mentor “K”Ekta. Going by her shoes, I think Ekta also lent Prachi her open toed chappals, but Prachi decided in the last minute to borrow these hideous pair of shoes from Mrs. Bhushan Kumar…yay, think about it ladies, Prachi’s making some bum pals in the industry. You go girl.

  2. I love suneeta’s jewellery…can u tell me am into big chunky jewellery??? I think her shoes were a bad choice with this outfit…
    As for Prachi…pretty safe…nothing to wow me…and I agree about the fold lines…common!!! u gotta get rid of that…!!

  3. i actually like prachi’s shoes (although she has repeated them too many times). what appalls me is that nobody has noticed how fugly suneeta rao’s shoes are. they look like she got them from walmart or something. yuckkk

  4. I cannot believe that Prachi was in Rockon She was so chilled and cool in the movie…a tad disappointing in real life, its the shoes that dont do it, may be she is concious of her feet?

  5. .’..look at those arms!’
    Hey Nisha, for her age, Sunita is in good shape and pretty well-toned. Plus, it’s her body shape. Thicker upper body.

  6. Prachi’s dress is an Anita Dongre Fall 2007; Sunita (Suneeta?) is wearing a Zara that I saw on the racks last month.

    Both have nasty shoes, and Sunita’s jewelry is ugly and doesn’t work with the dress color. She has such beautiful thick hair though. :)


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