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Pooja, who has been busy promoting her upcoming movie was photographed at the airport returning from one such event. Wearing, you guessed it, Zara again.

Pairing denims and an off-shoulder top from the high-street brand, the actor finished out the look with a black shoulder bag and her trusty sneakers. Not much to fault here… The easy, fuss-free look worked for Pooja.

Pooja Hegde In Zara At Mohenjo Daro Promotions

Pooja Hegde At Mohenjo Daro Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Its a relaxed look, nice for travel. The wonders of makeup, styling and camera angles, she looks so different in the teaser. Gosh! She looks very ordinary here. So was the case when she debuted in the Tamil movie 4 years ago.

    • Ha ha ha. You will see even comments like “xyz has rich looks” from a few, as opposed to what others have like “poor looks”? And even if Goddess looking, which Goddess, what is definition of Goddess beauty, lol, Durga mata in her element? ;D

  2. Sorry avani enough of ur prejudiced comments dark complexion doesnt takevaway any beauty from her,she has gorgeous features and body, kangana may be fsir skinned but her face is painful towatch in movies, this girl is supermodel material

    • Lol. Thats your own prejudice reflecting. There are many women who look good & dark skinned. Infact most desis are her skin tone. But she looks very ordinary to me without all the makeup & styling. No need to twist words according to your own will. If one is comfortable in their own skin, they wont have to be white washing or adding 4 inch makeup to one’s face. *smirks* And why bringing Kangana , if her face is painful to watch lol don’t watch. I dont even think her acting is all that anyway.

        • Aspa she looks very pretty in one of her Telugu movie, “Mukunda”. She is very natural with absolutely minimal makeup in the movie. Also it’s a decent and neat movie without any skin show or vulgarity.

    • I don’t think Again said anything about skin color at all. Now I don’t agree with her and feel Pooja looks great, but why chide someone for something they have not said. All actresses get makeup and camera help and without that most of them look different from on-screen versions…. Nothing wrong with that.

        • since you did pique my interest, i did go and check Avani’s comment in the previous post. She only says that pooja has a brown complexion, like most Indians. That is a fact. Then she says that Pooja may resort to whitewashing to become popular. That is a possibility. I don’t see where is the prejudice against dark skin in the comment? If at all it makes fun of people who do not accept their skin colour and own it, only to be popular. The comment is harsh, perhaps, but not prejudiced.


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