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It was LBDs, statement necklaces and eye-catching heels for both these ladies at a recent event… But gots to say, Sophie did the look far better! Love it head-to-toe and, we thought she looked rather fab!

Sophie Choudry And Pia Trivedi At Baba Dewan’s Borthday Do

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Fashion I think is about having fun with ‘it’ and experimentation…playing with colors, cuts, silhouettes and shapes…I think Pia is doing all that here..it doesnt take much creativity to put together an all black ensemble with a label thrown in…

    • who is sophie? is she some kind of celebrity…i dont like her see through dress at all.
      i like pia’s hair and minimal makeup, she seems very natural. and her shoes.

  2. Was the theme of the party ‘ The shorter (hemline), the bettter’. First, Tanya and Sonal. And now Sophie. Hope they saw Shilpa at the event and realized that sexy and trashy are two completely different things!!

    • what Purva said. That said, isn’t it sad that almost everyone dresses alike these days? There is so much room for experimentation and individuality and yet you walk into a party full of clones.

  3. i find those dresses (as in sophie’s) are unfortunately cut up at the leg (hence drawing attention to a certain area…) i think it ends up coming across a little cheap and tacky. it’s a little like an arrow to that, uh, area.

  4. i like Pia’s better, sophie looks awkward, innerwear is wrong again!! and there’s something about the hem i dont like on Sophie! although i would love to see Pia’s dress on Sophie, now that might work!

  5. sophies shoes go very well with the cut of her dress..the slant lines. excellent pairing, thouhg im not a big fab of hemlines like the one she is wearing…does not seem comfortable at all.

  6. Points to pia for infusing some fun into a pretty regular black affair. i don’t like sophie’s lookat all. the only redeeming feature of her look are the shoes.

  7. I really hope Shilpa ran into Sophie on the night… and i hope she took pointers on the all black look! I still can’t get over Shilpa’s choice of silver sparkly accessories with that gorgeous leger dress!
    Anyway Sophie looks much better out of these two.

    Oh and yeah, who is this Baba Dewan?


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