In Amit GT

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It was an Amit GT ball gown for Patralekhaa while at the Awards. And her accessories for the evening included jewelry by Anmol. The look worked for her.

Patralekhaa At Filmfare Awards 2019

Photo Credit: Filmfare.Com, PR Provided

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  1. Oh what difference the light makes. This is why lighting is a huge industry and takes professionals. I hope the event organizers listen to us at some point.

  2. Why is everybody looking so short in the Filmfare pictures?Pic after pic, I noticed the same thing. It is almost like the mirror tricks that people used to play long back in road side fairs/ carnivals.

  3. Never understood this voluminous Barbie doll silhouette. It’s almost as if to look formal you have to be immobile.

    Male fashion is so practical!

  4. that photographer in the close up pic must not like her. “Let’s pick this lighting that only highlights her nose and leaves all other features in the shadow!”


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