In Notte By Marchesa

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This is the picture that needs to go up next to the phrase ‘when bad clothes happen to good people’. Gorgeous girl, awful dress! This Notte by Marchesa number does great disservice to the actor and needs to just go away!

Parineeti Chopra In Notte By Marchesa At Mumbai Film Festival 2014 Closing Night-1

Parineeti Chopra At Mumbai Film Festival 2014 Closing Night

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love Parineeti Chopra as an actress however sometimes her wardrobe choice suggests that she either doesn’t know her ‘body type’ or is perhaps ignorant of the same. I think sticking to basic rule that “you wear what suits you” almost never gets you wrong.

  2. The wrath of all the anger really needs to be directed towards whoever styled her. Seriously, how can you screw up so badly? Agreed, she is such a gorgeous girl who can be styles in so many better ways to flatter her body type. I wish like in law, stylists can take up pro bono cases.

  3. I disagree with some of the comments above. You cannot solely blame the stylist. She/He may put you in a gunny sack but you still have a mirror right and if they don’t like it, ask for it to be changed! Anaita Shroff Adjania styled Madhuri on Jhalak and that wasn’t the best.

  4. It’s a pretty dress. Just not on Parineeti, because of her body type. There’s a teenie, tiny bit of spanx peeking out in the last pic:( It’s a shame because there are so many great ways to style Parineeti. Makeup, hair and shoes are spot on though.


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