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Wearing a Forever New dress with Jimmy Choo pumps, Parineeti attended an event for a product she endorses. Dislike the dress, does nothing for the actor! The pumps though are a keeper; love ’em.

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Parineeti Chopra At Pantene Event

Parineeti Chopra In Forever New And Jimmy Choo At Pantene Event-2

Parineeti Chopra At Pantene Event

Photo Credit: Mukul Bhandari

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    • Parineeti and Chitrangada have one thing in common.
      They have traded their raw and rustic charm, which made them stand out in the crowd, for wannabe style.
      Be it bleached hair, OTT makeup or skimpier clothes ( worn for the heck of it).
      They have joined the cookie cutter dolls brigade of Bollywood. Alas!

  1. Aaaand she’s back to wearing short and unflattering dresses. Why can’t Parineeti see that people hate her new wannabe style? For her own sake, I really wish she would change her stylist!

  2. Dear Parineeti’s stylist, Short dresses are not for Parineeti. Try dressing her in longer, preferably just above the knee hemlines. Her make-up isn’t so great either.

  3. I really like parineeti and she’s a breath of fresh air… Offers something different to world of Bollywood.. But girl stop fighting what God gave you! U are beautiful but unfortunately the clothes wear you, not the other way around.

  4. The fashion graph of Parineeti reads- take a bright, lively, interesting young girl and turn her into a me too Bollywood starlet clone, who will stand in awkward poses to make a hips smaller, who will clutch at her tummy to make her arms to thinner, who will grow fairer and fairer neck up and all the while never fooling anyone about how awkward and uncomfortable she really is.

    • Actually that isn’t fair – maybe she isn’t being “turned into” something. Maybe she does make the final decision about what to wear. But these outfits just don’t seem to do justice to her.


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