NY Fashion Week: Sabyasachi

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So you all know that while Fashion Week is on in India, there’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week happening in New York, right at the same time. And today Sabyasachi was showing! Oh, I was so excited, thats one designer I was absolutely looking forward to seeing, so imagine my surprise when I acually saw the collection!

I am devastated. It felt as if all that is trademark Sabyasachi was missing and that might have been a good thing if he was trying to move away from the cliché but instead, it just felt lacking! I know am being harsh, but from a designer with his calibre, expectations always tend to run impossibly high.

Not all was bad though. Some pieces were exceptional.

But all in all, was left wondering, is this it? This can’t be it! Is it?

For more pictures of the show go Here


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  1. Dear Well Heeled,

    Understandable that someone with a blog user name titled ” Well heeled ” will find Sabyasachi’s amazing collection “devasatating”.

    I was there … and i personally believe along with the the rest of the New York fashion industry that this was one of his very best.

    Ofcourse if you dont understand what intelligent design and clothes are all about you can always see some of the other “Bling designers” like Manish Malhotra or Baby Phat…

    After all for a lot of the Fashion Diva’s like you back in India, fashion begins and end’s with sequin, crystal and cleavage…

    I bet you are in your high crystal studded heels, that you picked up on your trip to New York, which you thought resembled the same shoe on your fav Firang Actor you saw on E news, as you read this comment…

    His collection is not for you lady…It’s for people who have a lot more character and personal style.

    So the next time you consider yourself Fashion’s gift to mankind …stay away from Sabyasachi’s show and review the blingers in India on your really funny Blog.

    Click clackers Are Dumb

  2. Dear Chamiya,

    I couldn’t of course resist writing to you. I read some of your previous stuff like that on the Diva show or Karisma Kapoor’s bag and here’s what I have to say to you,”get a life”!!

    I bet you are some frustrated IT type person sitting along the shores of america and venting your pent up whatever at the rest of the world.

    wait, with a name like ‘chamiya’ what more can one expect? so you think you know all that there is about fashion and whats cool and not huh? what a joke!!

    You must be, because aren’t you the one who said Ritesh Deshmukh is sexy?? What a joke!!

    Please make this world a better place and stop blogging!Noone cares for your lame ‘phashun gyaan’.

    Who calls themselves Chamiya?

  3. wow, I’d never understand high fashion: that last piece, the one that the black girl’s wearin looks positively revolting to me.
    and then I get here to say tht and see an anonymous attack that informs me that
    It’s for people who have a lot more character and personal style.
    split ends constitute personal style?

  4. Dear “Who calls themselves chamiya”..

    I never claimed that I want a Booker Prize at the end of all this nor am I Anna WintourI am starting out…Will get there soon too!

    I am now too tickled at the reaction I have gotten out of you though..

    “I love the name chamiya”!

  5. @ click clackers are dumb
    LOL!! I love you!! seriously!! Such venom!! You make me happy!!

    @ another anon
    umm, err! Get a life dude!!

    @ dragon reborn
    Stumbled upon it!

    @ L and S


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