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The last time we spotted her, it should have been an indication of things to come! With Simone its all about the ‘phases’, and looks like the ‘legging-phase’ just got re-started!

The dress itself isn’t all bad but those shoes and that bag…??!! Just doesn’t work.


Simone Singh

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  1. Love the outfit, the bag, and the shoes, though a bolder shoe might have been better…Not sure what this site and many of its readers have against pantyhose and leggings…Can you imagine a patchy, flaky leg shoved down your face by the “hottie” seated next to you as opposed to a neater, more chic, and more hygenic leg-in-tights….It seems a no brainer to me…:)

  2. Actually, I LOVE leggings. This was just a comment about a ‘phase’ not a decree on the virtues of ‘leggings’ or lack of.

    But yes, I agree with you (on the leggings bit).


  3. She does overdo the leggings… and the shoes don’t go. But you know what, I like Simone’s style for the most part… she seems to have this bohemian, hippy, chic, individuality thing going on. Kind of reminds me of Phoebe Buffay from Friends …

  4. She has such a beautiful face. I can forgive anything she does.
    But yeah.. if not for the shoes.. the outfit would’ve been a lot more bearable.

    I totally totally agree with you! Leggings are way better than ugly legs!

  5. @K – I too think Simone has a very bohemian and free-spirited kind of style.
    I really dislike the bag (looks like it was made from the leftovers of her tunic) and shoes, but the rest of her is gorgeous.

  6. she has such a pretty face!
    the dress would have been fine had it fit better…the leggings even would have been accepatble, but it’s those SHOES and the bag too


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