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As radiant as Neha looked at the Screen awards, that big a let-down was her next appearance.

We are all for experimenting with personal style but what may have sounded kitschy/fun on paper, just didn’t translate. The fit and length of the pants was off, the shoes didn’t work, the belt a misfit and the the hair and make-up just didn’t do their part. The appearance from Chivas tour had us going ‘what the hey!‘ especially given how she usually gets it right than not.


Neha Dhupia
Left: Star Screen Awards, 2010
Right: Chivas Fashion Tour, Manish Malhotra Showing


Neha Dhupia

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. the first look is as close to red carpet perfection as bollywood gets and all of her glossy radiance isnt hurting either.

    So why did she have to ruin it by showing up with ungroomed pupy hair, a household chores type (UNIRONED) shirt and cheap plasticky belt? *sigh*

  2. i fancy the kitschy look actually – fun! it may not stick with the predictable ‘cool & classy’ look but i think experimenting is great ! i like! really like!

  3. i can understand these actresses get all tired of dressing in the best dress, hair, accessories and makeup. but bad for them, they are always in the public eye! wish her pants were long and her hair tied into a ponytail

  4. Really? Yes, the first look is perfection. Mama’s working that dress and as always rocking perfect hair and make-up.
    That said, I really like the second look as well! It’s a great pairing of that shirt with those pants…the belt could have been better but it doesn’t stick out much. If only she had her usual hair instead of the (I assume?) messy look she’s tried, this would have been another of her ‘fab’ looks. Anyway, this really doesn’t qualify as a ‘WTHeyy!’

  5. neha looks gorgeous in the blue dress and her earrings look lovely too. i don’t know why she stepped out of the house in that other thing.

  6. The only thing that bothers me about the blue is the shillouette. It’s very “old lady”…is you know what I mean. It makes her look huge and overly mature.
    Something that would better flatter her body-type would be an improvement.


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