Bag Spottin’!

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Both these ladies kept it casual while toting some serious arm-candy, Neetu a chocolate ostrich and Tina a chocolate alligator. They had us at chocolate.

Left: Neetu Singh
Right: Tina Ambani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i am starting to look up to neetu singh as a fashion icon who dresses appropriately for her body and age. love her look head to toe to arm-candy.

    tina ambani looks a bit like jaya bachchan in this photo, no?

  2. Keeping the arm candy aside whats with ‘groucho marx’ happening on tina’s face…no amount of botox will be able to fill up those frown lines missy!

  3. Question
    If there is a 2 year waiting period to get a Birkin, how can Anu Dewan or anyone have it in multiple colors? Supposedly there are only a few handful sold each year, but seems like there’s plenty for page 3 India.
    Are these authentic Hermes because I know you can get some pretty genuine looking knock-offs for more “reasonable” prices.
    Me wants a Birkin!! but I could only afford a knock-off…….

  4. whats with the eeks and ewws?
    dont we wear leather belts, leather shoes, jackets… sit on leather sofas and car seats … eat meat… drink milk…
    im all for animal friendly… but keep things in perspective…


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