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Hello fabulous!

Loved this recent appearance of Ms. Poonawala’s where she paired a lilac dress with a Stella McCartney floral jacket, nude Loubs and a hat. Soft and fun; did we already say we loved this look?

Left, Centre: Natasha Poonawala At The Hello Cup
Right: Stella McCartney Floral Illustration Coat

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Totally agree!! Natasha brings it every time.

      Then again there is no dearth of money for the likes of Anu Dewan, Tanisha Mohan n so many more but they have no style or taste. They have an awful dressing sense.

  1. How frickin’ amazing is this!!! Uber cool and stylish all together.

    Too bad most of us cant dress like this even if we want to. I mean where would you go? Work? NightClub?

    • Desigual – a Spanish brand has similar coats. It’s a bit louder than this Stella version though. They’re normally a little bit pricey but at their outlet store or on sale, you can get them at half price at least. Good luck :)

  2. Holy shiznit. What I find funnier than desi women trying to ape old british style is the fawning going on here in comments!

    That Stella coat looks like somebody made jacket out of sunbrella fabric at home. Stella is one of the most overpriced deal out there where everything made in fake leather is marketed as “eco friendly” and gullible celebs falling over each other to buy grandma’s junk.

    But you guys fawning over this ridiculous ensemble just made my day!

    • Wow! What a caustic comment! Everyone in India who wears a western outfit must also be “aping british style” by your standards. General directionless criticism of Stella (fake leather, gullible celebs) does not prove your point either. Natasha looks lovely here and that’s why everyone said so.

      • Defensive much?

        I was talking specifically of celebs aping the floral summer dress look right down to the overwrought millinery accoutrement that is not a part of desi ethos. We do not go about in our daily lives dressed like this. The english do have a tradition of wearing millinery in their daily lives- taken up a notch for sporting events among other things. I am not against wearing western style clothes – its only the sycophantic or blind aping of this english tradition that is pitiful IMO. These are self-hating wannabe english people as far as I am concerned.

        • PG – I wish I could give you a special commenting star for this comment – very, very apt and spot on. She really does look ridiculous – the English toffs can pull this off because everyone expects them to wear kooky things – Natasha just looks belaboured and wannabe.

          Also agree with the Stella comment – she somehow managed to get a decent perfume licensing deal – that’s the only tolerable thing to come out of her label, ever.

        • Totally agree with PG, it looks out of place. its not about western or indian clothes but adapting them to the milieu we are in.
          Though I personally don’t like any pria katariya designs at the same event, I would take them any day over this.

        • In the same vein, wearing jeans and t-shirt is blind aping of the original American style. There is nothing desi in that, so why wear that as well? Just because it is now common doesn’t mean it is Indian, right?
          Or why wear gowns at all, we will just be aping Hollywood red-carpet style, right?
          Everyone has a right to dress the way they like, we are just having harmless (hopefully) fun on this site.

        • “Self-hating wannabe English people”? PG, now you sound like Sigmund Freud. :-) You really must stop psychoanalyzing people’s harmless fashion choices.

        • She is of course wearing the hat for a race and she looks good in it…it is not like she is on the streets of Pune wearing that hat…I love hats and believe that sometimes the occasion warrants it.

          • I agree totally, she is at the races, she looks great. The choice is perfect. And frankly if you have the clothes wear them, all the poonawallas enjoy wearing hats at the races, their presence always makes the day all the more glamorous. So why not? Infact they are all very keen race goers and are always well dressed and it changes the whole vibe of the racecourse.


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