Color Me Bad

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If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know we love kitsch… but calling this look kitschy might just be going a tad too far! Mita’s ensemble is just a bit much for us.

How many of these skirts does she have anyway?


Mita Vashisht At Cafe Derby Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Every time I open my mouth to formulate some sort of opinion on those photos, I have to close it. I…have nothing to say!

  2. Even before I could scroll down to see the full pic, I was wondering if she is sporting some new foundation that changes colors automatically – she looks wheat-ish pale, dark & normal toned to me!!! And totally detest the outfit – right from her outrageous choice of color combo (dont people know not to pair two bright overbearing colors together??), to her accessories and her shoes – DISGUSTING!!

  3. whaddoyoumean???? I LOVE this …this..’ensemble’ she’s put together.

    I actually love it – the colors are spectacular, bright and unusual and complement each other and her skin, and the footwear’s fabulous. I’d lose one of the chains around her neck if it were me, of course, and that blue eyeshadow’s just bizarre, but overall this is FAB for me.

  4. I don’t mind the skirt as much as the top…whats with the asymmetric sleeves..and looks like such a bad material too.

  5. Actually both the colors are screaming for attention here…..if she would have chosen a complimentry color here for either the top or the skirt …. it would have been much better ..

  6. I like the 2 pieces by themselves, maybe a bit much when put together, the skirt with a white or black top would looked nice..

  7. nothing wrong with the combination… in india it is nothing unusual to throw together colours in combinations that would raise eyebrows in the west: think rani pink and orange, which are now recognised as “indian” colours the world over. the top is a bit weird, but kudos to her for carrying off an unusual silhouette that’s so obviously her own!

  8. I just came out a really long and boring meeting………and this woke me up! :) That’s way too bright for my eyes to handle……

  9. Bit much ? I think its way too much !The colors are clashing terribly. To add to it the blue eye makeup and coral gloss !!! Also somebody please pass her a blotting paper …


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