When Celebrities Take To The Runway- Part Deux

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And speaking of Bollywood infiltrating Fashion Week, what do you think of these ladies on the runway?

wlifw-spring 2010-hemant and nandita-minissha lamba-1
wlifw-spring 2010-hemant and nandita-minissha lamba

Minissha Lamba For Hemant And Nandita Spring 2010

wlifw-spring 2010-jaya rathore-urmila
wlifw-spring 2010-suneet verma-amrita rao

Left: Urmila Matondkar For Jaya Rathore Spring 2010
Right: Amrita Rao For Suneet Verma Spring 2010

wlifw-spring 2010-reynu tandon-mugdha godse-1
wlifw-spring 2010-reynu tandon-mugdha godse

Mugdha Godse For Reynu Tandon Spring 2010

Photo Credit: Day Life

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  1. manisha Lamba, horrible hair, and outfit. Do like her shoes
    Urmila – LOVE the chunni and the blouse. The skirt makes the whole outfit OTT, would have preferred if the skirt was something more simple.
    the saree on Amrita and Mughda are draped well, a big plus.

  2. I feel I have seen ‘celebrities only’ on the runway for the past few days/months.
    Couldn’t recognize Minnisha at all.
    Urmila looks good but her dress is hideous.
    Whats with the draping of Amrita’s saree?
    Now Mugdha since being the model that she is I find good but she shouldn’t be holding the saree with her right hand all the while yeah….

  3. the only one who looks good (in any way) is Mugdha. Mostly because I like her saree. Minisha has such an interesting face (I love the shape of her eyes) I wish she would work it more. I see the potential to actually carry stuff off in her. The other two are horrendeous. *GAG* at Amrita

  4. Urmila and Mugdha look good. Amrita looks exactly like she does in movies. Minissha’s face looks like its made of wax and her outfit looks like a curtain!

  5. Minisha and Amrita look so unrecognisable…. love the shoes minisha is wearing. There’s so much going on with the dress Urmila is wearing but i like it still….

  6. I think minissha looks adorable! i love that gown.. though that bun looks really weird.. or is it just me?
    the other three designers aren’t worth metioning..

  7. Thumbs up for Urmila (She looks gorgeous) and Mugdha !

    Thumbs down for Minisha (her baby fat is back, spoils the garment) and Amrita (hate her completely !!; dont even get me started on the sari; hideous!)

  8. i love urmila’s outfit even though i would never wear it.. it’s very busy but in a good way. mughda looks elegant in her sari as well.

  9. Ms.Lamba looks ok (though the dress is not very flattering).
    There’s something wrong with Urmila’s tummy , otherwise I simply LOVE the colours on the outfit. Amrita looks jaded and Mugdha, surprisingly, seems to have lost the modelling touch!!

  10. I think urmila looks the best and mugdha the worst.She looks like these aunties in sleevelss going to play cards for diwali.Can’t believe the saree looks so frumpy on her.What’s with that hairstyle !?!
    Love minisha’s dress

  11. there’s something about urmila’s lehenga that i really love
    it’s bright and ultra colourful getting close to being a bit much yet treads the line really well and comes across beautifully
    well – to me anyway

    the suneet verma sari is awwwwful…worst of the 4 outfits shown here

  12. With minnisha Lamba, i have no opinion really. She looks good, but i dont know if it deserves an enthusiastic thumbs up. I am very tired of seeing amrita rao in barbie bubble gum outfits, and the pink sari fits exactly into this category. Pink and silver, with a feather… nah. She needs to experiment with more colours and edgy styles, both for clothes and hairdo’s. Meghna Godse looks really mature… her look seems very shabana azmi for some reason. Urmila hasn’t looked this nice in a long time i guess.. maybe a bit too much colour, but i wouldnt bother criticizing… the larger picture looks good. Thumbs up for her.

  13. Urmila actually looks good…the lehenga is suiting her and maybe its her figure too…I like her the best, Minisha…not sue whats wrong there..but she looks old..sorta tired and haggered….Amrita rao..M-E-H!

  14. Mugdha Godse looks the most elegant. i wish there was a close up shot of the saree… it looks beautiful…

    what is urmilla wearing… it looks like something a roadside tailor would stich for a tv actor to wear for one of those garish dance performances.

    and amrita is just bah! …. no matter what she wear, what style she chooses, she just doesn;t register in my mind

  15. I will stick to saying Minnishas outfit ‘didnt flatter her body’ only so my comment gets past.
    Amrita roas looks good so does urmila. Mugdha seems to have forgotten her long stint as a model. While she looks perfectly fine, she looks like a ‘celebrity’ and not a model.

  16. Urmila’ lehenga is a tad busy, but I still love it. It reminds of Rajsthani-gujarati traditional embroidery work and pattern. So, much better than Manish and others gaudy show, that so many people seem to prefer.

    Mugdha looks elegant, but I’m not feeling the saree, looks like a cotton print. The other two are not much to talk about. They can’t carry the clothes, and Amritha’s saree is not good at all.

  17. mugdha really needs to tone her arms and the saree is draped so badly.Can see her heels!Urmila rocksShe’s got the best outfit and she dazzles it

  18. Wow, totally love Urmila’s and Mugda’s outfits. Just fab. Color is amazing in the Jaya Rathore…though not sure how it would work off the ramp. And the Reynu Tandon is totally my style of sari.

  19. Urmila looks the best of all. Minnisha needs to be spending time at her gym. Amrita looks ok and Mugdha’s sari is boring. She needs some color on her cheeks to liven up the look.

  20. I LOVE Urmila’s lehenga. The colors, the cut, the earrings, everything.

    Another thumbs-up for Mugdha’s sari. Amrita’s sari is pretty bad, and that long pink feather she’s carrying in the hand is absurd.


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