The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

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The Good: We wouldn’t have necessarily put those colors together but Mini Mathur wears it well regardless.

The Bad: Diandra Soares might have fared better if it weren’t for those shoes and that lip color!

The Ugly: Where does one even begin with Wardha Nadiadwala’s outfit?


L To R: Mini Mathur, Diandra Soares And Wardha Nadiadwala At The Triumph Lingerie Show

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  1. I’m so envious of Wardha, I spent $25 on a wig that looks just like her hair for Halloween… Is that a Halloween party that these women are attending? I hope so for both Diandra and Wardha sakes, they would have bagged the best dressed price.

  2. Oh and Mini had such a lucky escape, being in the same event as these two would make anyone however badly dressed look like Miss Universe. Miss Universe Mini Mathur in this case….

  3. I can’t understand why Mini couldn’t have worn a churidar instead of the ugly spandex tights?
    Diandra and Wardha both look frightening…in their own way!

  4. mini loooks good for some someone who’s just had a baby two months back, so cut her some slack.. but wardha is a different story altogether (wicked witch of the east/west)

  5. Diandra looked better in person, she has stunning skin so can carry of that colour lippie. Mini’s top is nice, the rest is strange, those buttons are weird. the last lady…

  6. i think its unfair that mini is put in the same league as the other two! i love her kurta and she looks so cute!

    looking at Diandra Soares actually ‘soares’ my eyes! lol she has to be completely demented to go out looking like that! its plain ghastly!

  7. Look at Mini, I mean she is not the best dressed one either.. but there is something about her; the smile.. the personality on whole makes her look cute and happy..

  8. Agree with bedazzled and I secretly love her spandex with the buttons at the bottom… although I don’t think I’d pair it w/ that top.

    as for the other two? No comment. anyone would come out a winner next to them.

  9. mini shud have skippes the tights..her kurta looks nice bt she looks pale… diandra omg.. her dress shoes and those lips are horrow.. and vardha wth she is wearing those shoes with that dress…

  10. I think Mini is so not cool here. It looks immensely crass in taste and is worn badly.
    I do not know how you thought she was ‘the good’. Somehow, the ‘tadka’ is missing in recent posts. Your site is like popcorn, why go so stale, mate?


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