Meet Our New Contributing Editor, Shradha

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This year marks a decade of us blogging. Over the years, along with our readers we have evolved, found our space and more importantly, our voice. Part of us staying as passioned and to you as relevant, involves change. And big changes are afoot here.

As High Heel Confidential grows, we are excited to expand the team. Meet our new Contributing Editor, Shradha Agarwal. She calls herself founder of the ‘Vintage Member Club’ of HHC and has been reading us pretty much since Day One. (You might remember her first guest column here.)

With a strong background in (fashion) print media, we are excited for her to bring her experience (and enthusiasm) to the blog. Besides, anyone who shares our love for Anamika Khanna, macarons, pattu saris, rosé, silver jhumkis and a sudden craving for desi food at 3AM has a place on our team. The fact that she can pick out a Manish Malhotra blindfolded from a line-up of sequined anarkalis or tell a Maheshwari from a Chanderi at one glance is only an added bonus!

Join us in welcoming her on board.

We asked her a few questions so you guys can get to know her. And stay tuned for more changes in the coming months!

Where were you before this?
I was back home in Calcutta, India, working with The Telegraph as a fashion writer for a decade before moving to the US.  

What has it been like moving to the US from India?
The move was really dramatic! I was visiting NYC and LA from India and a friend from school set me up with her friend for a blind date. Given that we are married now, that date must have gone well! Leaving my friends and family and quitting my job was tough, and the first few months were really lonely. Thanks to amazing new friends and my day job at Le Tote, I’m more at home now. The other highlight of my move was learning how to cook. I’ve come a long way from burning toast!

What do you love most about San Francisco?
I love everything about San Francisco (well, apart from Karl The Fog). I love Dolores Park. I love that it’s so easy to make friends here — no one judges anyone. I also love the chill, laidback vibe of this city. (The first time I went to brunch in yoga pants was weird but I’m working on that!)  

A fashion word you dislike?
The word ‘cut’. I know people use it a lot but I’m just not a fan.  

Are you a pajamas-when-I-write kinda gal or do you like to dress up to get into the flow?
I’ve started writing from my home office (aka couch) only recently so I’m still trying to figure out my uniform. So far, I find myself getting too comfortable in pajamas and too fidgety in jeans so my Uniqlo jeggings literally hit the right spot.     

Any trend from the recent fashion weeks that you are going to try this summer?
I’m a maximalist, so the head-to-toe floral look tops my list of trends to try this summer. Standout sleeves, inappropriately large earrings and statement stripes are the other trends I’m obsessed with this year. (I tackle trends on an annual basis, it’s exhausting — and expensive — to do it monthly!)

Last thing you do before going to bed?
I spend a few minutes looking for my hair tie and then debate whether or not to blow out the tealight on my nightstand. (I have to have lavender or jasmine in my diffuser before bedtime, it’s a ritual that signals the end of the day) Most of the nights, I do. Sometimes if the candle is almost burned out, I just leave it. (Uh-oh. I know my husband is reading this.)

P.S: Follow Shradha on Instagram here.

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  1. I’m so thrilled that Shradha is now a part of the HHC team! Have read all her work in India and worked closely with her on a few things as well! Super amazing choice HHC, she’s fabulous! More reasons for me to read HHC first thing in the morning :)

  2. A decade! Congrats!! have been a fan from the beginning,it has become like a daily habit!
    Keep entertaining us! And welcome Shradha!

  3. I chanced upon HHC in 2009 from Dubai when I was far away from home and lonely. With enough time at my disposal I dedicatedly read the back issues – without missing a single post. When I went back home, one habit that never changed was getting my dose of P & P.
    Happy that u r turning 10.
    Sometimes miss the personal comments of PP (the kind of real girly comments) . But I guess when we cater to a wide audience we need to holdback some.
    Shraddha sounds fun! Can’t wait to hear more from her!

    • And in continuation-

      When u visit wifi unfriendly zones and come back to good wifi zone after days – the opening of HHC would be real bliss coz u got pages and pages to devour!

      Ahhhh women ! We don’t get tired of fashion ;)

  4. LOL! Shradha’s hair is always same-same and boring and can easily be named ‘Deja Vu’. As far as the ‘underwear issues’, I think I should chronicle my journey of finding a new strapless.
    Spoiler Alert: It’s going to be HILARIOUS!


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