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While doing the Diwali party rounds in Mumbai, Maria was photographed in a Payal Singhal sari. Hoop earrings and her trusty Bottega Veneta clutch rounded out the look.

Nice as Maria looked, wish she had chosen to give us some color, something festive!

Maria Goretti

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Grey was never a colour for Indians till recently but, as much as I love it, it really has no place during festivities. Even black works better. And this “saree” is an embarrassment. In which planet is a tiered grey net saree worn over a black underskirt a good idea? And that too on Maria, whose saree looks rock usually…

    • I have a grey sari that belonged to my greatgrandmother…I’m worn it to a celebration since I don’t really have an occasion to wear saris otherwise
      So I think it’s a generalization to say the color has no place during festivities. It can if done right
      I do agree about this particular sari though. Waist up I think it’s lovely…the black blouse with the grey looks quite beautiful. It’s the ruffled part below the knee as well as the black underskirt that ruins the whole effect though. Quite a shame

    • Actually I wore a grey net saree to my sister’s wedding. It can look very contemporary and modern if done right. the sari had a heavy golden sequin border with a hint of red, so I wore a red underskirt. If she had worn a white or grey underskirt it would have looked wayy more cohesive. The blouse is quite beautiful and for a net saree it’s been draped well

  2. Have to say I don’t understand all these colour superstitions…obviously don’t show up in plain black or white, but there are many ways to wear these colours while keeping it festive (jewelry, makeup etc). Though not my favourite look of Maria’s, she still looks radiant and well-dressed without being over the top like most outfits this year have been.

  3. The Diwali costume party outfits were an assault on the festival sensibilities

    Simple, toned down, fuss free, yet interesting. Maria looks very nice.

    A good detox look. You saved the best for last.


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