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Wearing a pastel Ridhi Mehra outfit, Madhuri promoted her upcoming movie recently. Earrings from Darshanaa Sanjanaa Jewellers rounded out the actor’s look. She looked nice.

Madhuri Dixit At Kalank Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. On point! This is right up her sleeve. She has been working it these promotions. Pity though coz the film Gods shafted her on the song!

  2. Her expressions give way to her frustration of being given the left-over song in the movie and that too with the shoddiest choreography of the century and she still tried salvaging it somewhat. Such a waste of Madhuri’s immense talent! Anyways, I like the colour of this dress on her, her promotion run has been fabulous.

  3. Though the dress in not my cup of tea, she does look here!! I was myself surprised at the choreography of the song!! She does seem to have been sidelined with too much focus on Alia and Varun!! Sigh, Bollywood!

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that Madhuri got a raw deal in Kalank. What a waste of talent. The choreography of the song is terrible even though she tries hard to make the song/dance work.

    Coming back to the outfit, I love it. Madhuri looks beautiful!

  5. Madhuri is really braving it out at the promos of this movie. A star of her talent and stature has been sidelined by the likes of the talentless nepo gang. Too bad coz she is literally glowing and looks amazing.

    • This! Even with Alia-fatigue, I’m developing a vague dislike of how she’s being constantly pushed down our throats. You hire Madhuri for your movie, give her a dance she could excel at in her sleep and then make sure it’s low-key awful with bad choreography so you don’t take the spotlight away from your protege? Bad choice, Karan Johar!

  6. I like how she’s constantly changing it up for the promotions and wearing light summery outfits and not drowning in heavy anarkalis.

    P.s. Had to go watch Mohe Rang do laal and Maar daala to recover from the disappointment that Tabaah ho Gaye was.

  7. Ok KJo, I know that you cant compromise on roles from the product of nepostism, i.e., Sanjay, Varun, Alia, Aditya, Sonakshi. Who is left out? Madhuri. Poor scapegoat.

    Comming back to the dress, the color looks so lovely on her. Pastel colors suits her. She should try these color pallettes more often

  8. Madhuri and Sonakshi have both nailed their looks through these promotions and handled the situation with so much grace and beauty. Alia comes across as being too full of herself and her silly fights with Varun. As the lead anchor she should have the grace and presence of mind to create room for these lovely lady.


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