In Anita Dongre

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While at a recent event, Madhuri was photographed wearing Anita Dongre. Soft make-up and jewelry from P.N Gadgil finished out the actor’s look. She looked lovely!

Madhuri Dixit Photographed In Anita Dongre At A Recent Event-1

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit Photographed In Anita Dongre At A Recent Event-2

Madhuri Dixit

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  1. The colour is for her! Totally for her! Gorgeous this is. Her face here reminds me so much of Chandramukhi’s gaze in Devdas.

    Not liking the different coloured jewellery though.

  2. While everyone waxes eloquent about this appearance and I admit I love Madhuri myself.. She finally wears a decent bra! How good innerwear can really pull up things a notch (pun intended)

  3. Definitely the best she has every looked in recent years. Whoever did her hair and makeup here should get a bonus and be retained for life. For once they’ve focused on her lovely face and incredible charm rather than trying to make her someone she’s not
    And that dress is just beautiful

  4. She looks lovely but the outfit is so boring and undramatic. She wore better pastels in DTPH.

    Please Madhuri, being fashionable doesn’t mean looking unglamorous! :(


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