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While promoting her upcoming movie at Fever FM, Sonam was photographed in a simple grey dress which she played-up by pairing the dress with some really well chosen accessories.

The dress itself is a little drab but the accessories made all the difference; love the blue of her Celine (we love Celine) and adore those flats. The skull sandals totally had me smiling.


Sonam Kapoor At An ‘I Hate Love Stories‘ Promotion


Giuseppe Zanotti Toe-Ring Skull Sandals And Celine Tote

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks great. Natural, relaxed, effortless. I like grey dresses for the very reason that so much can be done by way of accessories and she does it perfectly!

      • Because this was only a radio station mahurat of Aisha music…not a video interview!

        She dresses properly to promotional events, unlike other actresses. check the latest HR college event and Indian Idol appearance with Imran or her past promotional appearances for Saawariya & Delhi 6!

      • She was giving an interview on the radio, none of the audience could see her :-) Surely this is appropriate wear for the radio station?

  2. I really like how she accessoried,
    LOVE the blue color with the grey
    and even love the flats, but just not with
    that dress, i feel like it makes her legs look a little stubby.
    i wish she wore some black heeled gladiators, with white stones.

  3. yeah agree abput the flats should have worn heels.,.
    but i love solid colour dresses.. there is so much u can do with them dress it up for a big event and dress down for smaller occasions..
    they are just perfect for all occasions..

  4. You ladies are totally smitten by this woman. If the same dress and accessories are on anyone else, you probably would’ve found least 5 things to say why it’s a not quite. I can understand playing favorite but every appearance? tsk tsk. I do like the tote though!

  5. She almost nailed it except for the skull sandals. They just KILLED the look.

    p.s: Payal/ Priyanka: When will your girl crush on Sonam fade?

    • hahahaha, I love this comment, exactly what I wanted to say….she looks good waist up but the sandals are just way too weird with the dress in question!

      I wonder how P & P would have reacted if someone like Vidya Balan wore it?

      • The same way if we found Sonam Kapoor one day in a badly draped handloom sari in an oft-repeated 3/4th sleeved blouse- with surprise.

        • Uhm so it means u like Vidya Balan in her badly draped sari and the ugly blouses since u liked the skull sandals which is on Sonam? We all know that u girls are a little too biased with Ms.Kapoor. ;-)

          • I just think age plays a role. Sonam is young, so she still has to add some trendy edge into her outfit. Vidya on the other hand should have had her look perfected through years of experience and obviously there’s a higher bar set for her.

            Bah,at the end of the day you cannot please everyone. There will always be haters.

        • I never understand why a lot of people here say that P&P are partial to some actresses. They have been blunt when they didnt like something Sonam wore and most of the time, she does dress well; so obviously they only have nice things to say about her. I actually see most of the people commenting here playing favorites. So, Give P&P a break; they do an awesome job and give an honest opinion!

        • Hehe Priyanka its alright!!! We all have our girl crushes :))

          Sonam appeared in a grey viviene westwood dress with her hair in a plait. she looked UTTERLY FABULOUS. Please post it.

          On a sadder note: Priyanka Chopra is back in Mumbai to assault us with her short tight dresses.. bawwlllll

      • Seriously this bias with Sonam is getting really annoying now. How about P & P’s sense of styling matching with Sonam? Maybe they click with her….is that a crime? If that is bias then so be it. It’s after all a blog and they post their opinion about fashion which again after all is subjective…and you post yours and move on. If Vidya Balan wore this my mouth would drop open in disbelief….Sonam looks fabulous her and the sandles are so cute….I would get a pair if I could afford them LOL! On the same token, maybe some of you are just biased against her :P

        • The sandles with the dress looks fine man….the sandles are nice enough to go with that dress giving it a nice summer/casual feel to it….she is not wearing rubber sandles!

  6. Simple and nice. She seems to dress for herself so she can be comfortable in her clothes and accessories. Just a fun loving young girl doing her own thing. Great!

  7. I guess I’m one of the few who is in lust with those flats! When done right, I absolutely love skulls. Totally digging everything single thing about this ensemble.

  8. To P&P, lately I’ve been noticing many members complaining abt your Sonam posts saying that you guys are biased. It’s pretty obvious, but these members most likely dislike Sonam. This blog used to have nice fashion based criticism, but these days the comments are more of bashing/hating on a specific star.

    Just want to tell you guys to keep being honest. If Sonam is wearing something you guys love, you guys have all right to say so. Keep up the great work on this site!

  9. Did you recognize the necklace – it is the club monaco one she wore recently with a zara blazer and j brand leggings.


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