In Black And White

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Both Canali and Collective recently had their collection launches (both on the same evening) and we spotted a lot of ‘Black and White‘ on the women in attendance.

No one really stood out, no one barring one that is. I loved Simone’s look; she stuck to her style aesthetic and looked great unlike the disaster in the recent past. Plus, I adore that shirt. :)


L To R: Deepti Gujral, Nethra Raghuraman, Chhaya Momaya, Nishka Lulla And Simone Singh

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hey Girls….not digging Nethra’s look??…i think it is a very very well put together look….loving her bangs..n the lipstick….

  2. Simone, really?

    I don’t find anything about the gormless, formless Bag Lady look the least bit appealing.

    Hot shoes though. I want.

  3. That shirt which does not go with those pants… Simone was probably going for something fashion forward but it doesn’t take away from the fact that she still looks like a clown.

  4. Simone Singh’s shirt is a total rip-off of an Alexander Wang piece. It doesn’t look like the original design hence I am assuming it’s a rip off.

  5. How tall is Simone? She works the dhoti pants which I thought were for taller women so wondering. I like her look and Deepti’s is ok.

  6. NISHKA looks the best..young fresh pretty face,,hardly any makeup, cute skirt, too cute shoes n the pink purse contrasts well..
    NETHRA is second best chic dress, great lip colour but legs too skinny
    Simone seems experimental but nt flattering,
    Deepti is ok nothing to comment on really
    Chhayas outfit is a Disaster!!


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