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Love the Hermes Jige clutch in both of it’s colors that we spotted recently but especially luuuurve Gayatri’s blue Jige paired with that Khaki dress. As yummy as Laila’s clutch was, the whole look (esp those beads) were just so distracting.

P.S: We are so curious… what was in that Tod’s goody bag that put such a smile on Gayatri’s face? Something tells us had we gotten the goody bag, we’d be grinning too! ;)


Left And Centre: Gayatri Oberoi At Tod’s Lunch
Right: Laila Lamba At David Morris Jewelry Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, L’officiel Facebook

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  1. I love Gayatri’s dress and the baby blue Hermes clutch is nice as well. She looks radiantly pretty even though her hair could be a lot better

    Cant say the same for Laila’s ensemble though, not only is it unimpressive it also makes her look much stouter than she actually is. But the beige version of the clutch is a lot classier than the blue. Oh, and the pants are totally meh.

  2. hahaha don’t miss that Lamba lady’s pants guys!! Where on earth are they riding?! Whoops, on second thoughts I think they are something in between pants and pajamas lol
    Those beads? that’s the most horrible pattern I’ve seen of late…man what a design!! Get a life lady!!
    Gayatri, looks so simple and decent!! Kudos :)

    • those beads are chanel… im not sure if theyr the real thing or not… i have not seen this design in any catalogue. however…while on a cruise i saw these beads in vanuatu in every shop!!! usd30!!! cudnt possibly be the real thing… cud it?!


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