Fab Or Drab?

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We liked Konkona’s look at a recent event… we do wish her pants were narrower but considering she wears the ‘look’ so well, our verdict is ‘Fab’ all the way!


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  1. Chevalier,
    I believe it is marches to the beat of her own drum
    and I do like it, although I agree with Anon, it would be betterwell tailored

  2. aah, pdaervo. Thanks.
    It was probably the pinot noir speaking earlier….

    and P&P, can we also please see what Aamir looked like at this event?

  3. While its great to see someone who is part of young Bollywood and does not look like her style’s been manufactured by a dozen designers, wouldn’t you love to see her take it up a notch? Even with kurtis, she could maybe experiment with deeper/wider necklines – I’m not talking Rakhi Sawant lookameboobies style, but something tasteful and maybe upping the glam a leettle bit. I mean, she’s an attractive girl with a nice figure, but here she’s one jhola away from being a college girl going to the library.
    Loved the sari she wore to the Karan Johar talk show though. The color looked fab on her!

  4. she sure prefers to be comfortable. simple woman.
    i identify with her style.. although i think the bottoms could have been a bit more fitted. they are making her look heavier.

  5. This one is drab. We have come to expect KS to wear organic clothes but even they need to have structure. I think she is trying to bring back the flared 60’s style pants but this is way too OTT for a wannabe trendsetter!

  6. u call this “fab”???? i mean it merely escapes the “wthey”… FAB is like… far far away! By the way that’s just what i feel…y’all know fashion better ;)

  7. meh.. the clothes dont fit well. and with her height and weight, she needs to dress more structured… even the hair as someone else pointed out.. is too flat.

    i know she’s supposed to be one of the arty stars – but even they – work a room. like kirron kher or shabana. this look sooo doesnt work for me – specially when there is a lot of good stuff in teh market these days

  8. just because it’s konkona (and yes she is unique and lovely,) doesnt mean this looks good. Come on guys, i am sure she could’ve found something more figure flattering. What are those pants???? love her confidence though… she rarely looks uncomfortable with what she wears…

  9. I vote Drab (Actually I vote Yuck!) …The pants looks like she dragged down some curtains and wrapped them around her waist. I think Konkona *tries* to do funky and misses quite often…


  10. Konkana looks drab here. she and nandita das try to do the handprinted/natural dyes look but just come off as plain and they both tend to wear a lot of black which does nothing for their skin tone or their features… VERY VERY disappointing. they look really badly dressed most times.

  11. I agree with Neha. I want her to continue marching to her own tune, but also to take it up a notch, because it DOES look a bit too Fab India. She’s a young, hip, artsy Indian actress, not some bourgeois white tourist.


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