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Another day, another Eka dress for Ms. Rao. And this time, it was for her appearance at an event in Mumbai celebrating North East. Like the easy, breezy linen dress on her?

kiran rao-eka-colors of north east festival

Kiran Rao At ‘Colors Of North East’ Festival

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i do appreciate earthy , strong or whatever we want want to call these kind of looks . I hope some women need to hire stylists. this is a disaster , seems like she is missing her shalwar.

  2. There is a thin line between dressing boho/quirky and dressing like someone who’s lost the plot. She looks the latter here. I usually love her dress sense but here it’s messy. The frill peeping out of the hem looks like a saree petticoat peeping out of a kameez. The hairstyle Is something teenagers still trying to find themselves, wear..

  3. I’m surprised by the hate this post is getting. I liked this look very very much! Without the red shawl perhaps, it’s rather ‘meh’, but with it, I loved it!!

  4. If she were NOT Aamir’s wife P&P
    Nobody would give a DAMN! She has nothing going for her. AWFUL clothes. She always looks like a umm… like a…. cant even say it its not politically correct….like she WANTS to look frumpy and dowdy, if I may say so…??

    I cannot understand what she is trying to prove by dressing this way. If you decide to quit featuring her I wouldnt even think about her.
    After the visual treat of India Couture Week this is just like neem juice after a chhappan bhog meal. I AM SORRY!!

    • Well, she has got things going for her – like being a vivacious, confident and interesting woman (and no, I don’t care too much for the outfit either).

      • Its a “fashion” blog I thought, not a “vivacious confident” blog. We comment on people’s clothes, I am UNABLE to tell HOW “vivacious and confident” she is sorry… based on one PICTURE :P

  5. I am also surprised pleasantly that others don’t like this look :)
    Otherwise it’s ooh aah for the most basic outfit she wears
    Her hairstyle with those classes gives her a cartoonish look

  6. Very stylish yet again. Love the earrings and shoes that complete this ensemble. the kurta lets that Northeast scarf steal the attention, making the outfit event-appropriate.

  7. yes exactly! She is dressed so appropriately for the event. Never the one to hog limelight with her clothes and curves. That comes with great confidence! shes covered for her sartorial choices, & not for being a wannabe celebrity

  8. This look is so out there! The glasses and those shoes are horrendous. I do appreciate Kiran’s dress sense but this outfit and the accessories are plain weird.


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