The Blues- Part Deux!

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Love this look unequivocally, ankles-up. It’s a great shade of blue and the ruffle dress works really well on Ms. Rao. The shoes though are bit of a dampener.

Kiran Rao At Delhi Belly Song Success Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. ‘song success bash’!! they are really running out of reasons to party aren’t they? What next…most innovative pelvic thrust bash!? Now more to the point.. the dress is plain shapeless apart from the colour dont like it at all.

    • lol..i only noticed the event when u mentioned… That is hilarious ! They realized they could nt find a sponsor for yet another award function and still needed a party…so they decided to celebrate a song.. which actually is int even that great to begin with !

  2. love the dress and love this shade of blue, i am also not a big fan of pointy pumps, but a nice peep toe blue would have been great, but anyways always like how effortless and stylish she looks, without running after high streets of fashion.

  3. lmfao. i laughed when i saw this picture. then i laughed even more when i read what you wrote. so clowny the whole hair/glasses effect is. very clowny.
    and the dress? you can buy it at forever 21, there is nothing special about it.

  4. The color is nice but the dress is so dowdy and shapeless and boring. Add the terrible shoes and this is nothing to be praiseworthy about.

  5. SONG success? Wha’? Next they’ll have a ‘Movie ran for 3 hrs uninterrupted’ party?! Wonder what music was played- maybe only said successful song on loop? Seriously, these people.. :)

  6. Come on you guys please don’t let Mrs Rao’s pseudo-intellectualism fool u into believing tht what she portrays is her “quirky” sense of style….far from it …I think she tries too hard to be quirky and comes across looking like a cross between a clown and a sack…tht dress is shapeless the hair is a bad job done in a parlour and the least said abt d shoes. The problem with this lady is tht she tries too hard to look effortless which is counter-intuitive….with the effort she puts in she might as well try to look like someone who has access to a mirror vs a martian tht just crash landed earth and came across a bad darzi. You guys do seem to be bias abt her…if a priyanka chopra had worn something like tht u wudnt have been this kind..definitely not!


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