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Both ladies went head-to-toe in black and white, but neither did it well!

Meghna chose an unflattering silhouette for her body-type and Aditi’s whole look was just overkill! The bag, those shoes, the clothes, diagonal stripes thrown into that whole mix… yeah, definite overkill…

Meghna Naidu
Aditi Gowatrikar

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  1. Too branded – the hermes belt and the chanel tote seems like overkill. I love both the brands but I think this qualifies as what not to do.

  2. sorry to go against the tide…but Aditi actually looks stunning! She’s carrying each piece of outfit and accessory well even though it does look a bit too matchy-matchy.

    meghna lacks the body plus the sexy sophistication to carry that outfit! classic case of “good clothes happening to not so good people”.

  3. am actually liking aditi’s look but not a fan of the bag (even by itself). A simpler one here would hv looked better, as everything else is in contrast.

  4. i dont know why busty women like meghna have to wear such deep necks. there is a fie line between sexy and trashy and many dont seem to recognise it.

  5. I love both women’s shoes.

    Aditi’s clothes look awesome… but she’d have looked better with different shoes and bag. I love diagonal stripes…

  6. Hi P&P, have a question for you… aditi’s look definitely is an overkill…. what should she have done for it to be a cool look? leave out the bag in one… what else? what should she pair with those diagonal strips to not look like an optical illusion coming your way?

  7. I wish Meghna’s outfit didn’t show so much boobage. With better coverage in that area and bright coloured shoes she could have pulled it off.

  8. I think Aditi’s look would’ve worked great with a different pair of shoes. The strap on her MJs are killing the look for me. I actually like diagonal stripes, need to get one myself :)

    My namesake, on the other hand, has much to learn about necklines and belts *sigh*.

  9. Meghna has got the legs to carry off such a short tight skirt… the shoes are ugly as well – it kinda looks cheap and slutty

    I like Aditi’s look marginally better than Megna’s

  10. Both look totally awful! Meghana’s neckline is terrible, no one wants to see all that. Aditi’s top is too short and the entire black and white from head-to-toe is so monotonus. She should have broken it up with a different coloured bag or shoes.


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