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Nothing WTHey about the dress itself, heck, barring the off-centre belt it’s even cute… But, it’s certainly way too blah for an A-lister’s photo-op, especially at a promotional event for a brand that she endorses. We’d have much rather she saved this one for a more low-key screening than for an appearance like this one.

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Katrina Kaif At A Promotional Event For Pantene

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think she looks perfect! Remember, this is a promo event for a hair brand, and she is letting her hair do all the talking. I deffo noticed the hair more than anything else. Her outfit is great as it showcases her dark hair perfectly

  2. She is fine, and looks pretty. Its Pantene that she is endorsing, nothing wrong in being casual while endorsing a shampoo. I am all for stars tuning it down sometimes. Hate seeing bling/”designer” stuff all the time.

  3. the belt looks like it’s Velcro and she didn’t care to align it properly before leaving the house =/
    Aside from that, she looks cute. I guess she’s endorsing Pantene…at least the hair is shiny lol.
    Oh and lmao at the leg moisturizer comment!

  4. She’s so pretty!! :D She looks so radiant even in such simple dresses. I like except for the shoes. Gorgeous hair.
    oh, and I’ll say it again. I WANT her skin!!!


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