When Celebrities Take To The Runway

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What’s a fashion week without some Bollywood biggies being roped in for the role of ‘show-stoppers’?! (Do you feel us rolling our eyes?)

Anyhoo, while I love Rohit Bal, it’s got to be said… that’s one garish dress on Ms. Kaif. What. Was. He. Thinking?

ranbir kapoor-katrina kaif-rohit bal-spring 2010-wlifw-1
ranbir kapoor-katrina kaif-rohit bal-spring 2010-wlifw

Katrina Kaif And Ranbir Kapoor For Rohit Bal Spring 2010

Photo Credit: Day Life

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  1. Wow I don’t think many could’ve pulled off what Ranbir is wearing. I am not a fan of Ranbir but I’ll give him credit here. It’s not out of this world but it avoids the disaster it could’ve been on some other guys. Katrina the less said the better-she’s so average looking.

  2. am I rolling my eyes? absolutely, not only because we have to see another “bollywood” couple on the ramp, but also at what Katrina and Ranbir are wearing. I cannot even figure out what Katrina is wearing, looks like a shiny top with a fishing net rolled as a skirt, and the design on Ranbir’s coat looks like what one would find on a table cloth, and I was critical of Manish Malhotra. Rohit has been doing this for years, one would expect something better.

  3. awww omg.. despite their horrid outfits.. the two actors look so cute together .. esp in that 2nd pic.. i dont know if he was looking at her or something behind her.. but it looks as if hes mesmerized by her beauty lol..
    i love ranbir!

  4. All those designers of the yesteryears have lost their touch. Rohit Bal, JJ Valaya, Ritu Beri; they were really something back in the 90s. Now all these other designers, new and some not so new have overtaken them in the creativity aspect. Think Anamika Khanna, Ankur Batra of Ecru and ofcourse our dear Sabyasachi.

  5. omg, both outfits are terrible. i don’t know much about clothes or fashion so i have to enquire, is that wide leg thingy on ranbir a women’s trousers? the pointy shoes and trousers look like something a woman would wear to work in a pant suit.

  6. kat’s outfit (if one can call it that) reminds me of a doily–the kind used at kiddie b’day parties with a princess theme…Ranbir’s attire fares only slightly better with his trousers looking like a cross between MC Hammer pants and Aladdin pants.

    epic disappointment coming from the house of Bal!


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