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Wearing a Nikhil Thampi gown, Kareena helped launch BBC Earth in Mumbai yesterday. Dramatic dark lip color, black sandals and stunning Nirav Modi diamond jewelry rounded out the look.

Though at first the look felt very striking, the more we see, the less we like. The gown to us felt lacking and the look way too mature. Maybe with softer hair, the dramatic lip color would’ve worked but as is, between the severe hair, lip color and that gown, the look was bit of a miss!

Kareena Kapoor Khan At BBC Earth Launch

Kareena Kapoor Khan At BBC Earth Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Why dress her in that satin that too in a light colour? It pronounces every lump and bump and is so unflattering. The hair style is harsh and set against that lip colour which drowns out the rest of her face its possibky the worst way to dress a new mum. I am surprised at how they fail at the basics

  2. She looks stunning, and what’s wrong with every lump and bump showing? That’s how human bodies are! Comments such as these are body-shaming and sad that such comments get on here.

    On the dress – it is quite ordinary to be honest with a bit of odd clumping together on the arms. The off-the-shoulder thing is quite bad – looks like her dress is falling off her shoulders and she needs to pull it up.

  3. what is too mature! She is a 40+ woman and I think she looks stunning. I would be shocked if she started looking anything but mature. Why do we want women to remain infantilised and always appear “young” and their “lumps and bumps” hidden. Kareena has shown time and again that she doesn’t give a damn if anyone thinks its a “rare miss”. She owns every bit of this look.

  4. I feel the gown aged her.
    The color just washed her out.
    Imagine a different color gown may be maroon or yellow may b a simple black wud elevate the look more.

  5. i kinda like her look…she is showing some bumps, but that looks natural and normal. I prefer it to anorexic, hungry, tired looking model frames.


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