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So, looks like she finally ditched her favorite black corset that she always seems to fall back on, when on stage!

kareena-2.jpg kareena-iifa_costume-2.jpg

Kareena Kapoor Performing At IIFA 2008

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  1. I dunno if it was her favorite piece or not..coz these stars do repeat stage outfits esp. if they perform on the same songs ..on a side note, the girl in the background in yellow sitting to the right of kareena is so pretty…she seems to be the lead dancer from Shiamak Davar’s dance troupe I think…she was also in his “dil chahe aisa yaar” and the Dhoom 2 title song with Hrithik…

  2. Haven’t seen anyone look so pretty on stage at the IIFAs and Filmfares and everywhere else. Her hair, her make-up, everything is just right!! Gorgeous!

  3. Well i thgt to write abt the girl in backgrnd and here I see someone already taken a lead,I like the one standing right to Kareena ..she is so cute and check out her smile..

    @Bsimple: The girl abt whom you are talking abt is Aneesha…

  4. I’m just SICK of Kareena.. I mean Shahid could have totally benefited from Jab We Met and stuff but because Kareena is “senior” and “bigger/more popular” she got asked to do every single performance. Yawn.. Shahid’s more entertaining esp since he’s a dancer. The blue is sooo bright it’s hurting my eyes too.


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