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Giving in to the trend of the moment, Kangna bared her midriff in graphic separates (Topshop) while at a magazine’s latest issue unveiling. Black sandals and a Tom Ford bag completed her look.

The Topshop cropped top-and-skirt looks great on her. It would’ve been even better had she whipped her hair in to a ponytail, picked a different (and lighter) shade of lip color and opted for not-so-safe sandals.

Kangna Ranaut At Stardust’s Latest Issue Launch/Unveiling

kangna ranaut at stardust magazine issue launch

Kangna Ranaut With Tom Ford Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. While the design aspect of the bag is interesting, it’s not practical. Don’t like Kangana’s shoes but ankle up she looks good.

  2. I think there is plenty of bright colors in the outfit that bright lipstick would have been overkill; te hair seem fine and bag is rather silly.

  3. Had to look hard to recognize her.
    While the skirt n top are not bad themselves,ita very badly worn look.
    Terrible choice of footwear n bag, not to mention hair n makeup.
    Im surprised she stepped out looking like this – shes always so well styled.

  4. I dislike how terrible the hair, make-up and shoes are. Looks like she just wore it out of bed. Dislike, rare miss from her.

  5. wrong mix…. bag is interesting… bt can b used in sm otherr look and hated her shoes..and her hair…
    the dress is nice though…

    • I do too, its such an interesting design! True, not many people can pull it off and truer still, its quite impractical….. but it looks like so much fun :)

  6. the bag would have looked better on a monochromatic outfit, maybe a simple sheath and killer Choos or Loubs. didn’t expect such poor styling from her :(

  7. Absolutely love what she’s wearing – don’t think any other mainstream Indian actress would even choose this as an option! The hair goes with the look, kinda retro ish but modern too. The sandals are safe because the outfit isn’t although black wouldn’t be my go-to color. One point- although the bag itself is cool, it doesn’t go with the outfit.


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