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Kamal Haasan promoted his upcoming movie on the sets of a television show sticking to formal outfits.

Of the looks he sported, the black outfit was the better of the two. You agree?

Kamal Haasan At Vishwaroopam 2 Promotions

Kamal Haasan At Vishwaroopam 2 Promotions

Photo Courtesy: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I disagree, all that is missing in the black outfit is a top hat. Then he will be ready to play drums in a high school marching band. In the second outfit he looks like a filmi version of a major general.

  2. This is such a random post. Why select Kamal Hassan, whom no one looks up to for fashion pointers? He’s a legend but he doesn’t belong in any fashion conversation. HHC, your coverage of menswear is just so lame. Vogue Beauty Awards took place on July 31 and you’re doing the round-up a full fortnight later. Then you’re totally overlooking Varun, Ayush, Dulquer, and many others and randomly picked Kamal Hassan.

    • Why can’t Kamal Hassan be posted? Just because he’s not your typical Vogue cover boy doesn’t mean that he can’t be covered at all. He’s out and about for VR 2 promotions, and his trademark style and individuality shines in his looks. And there are a lot of people, especially South Indians who love him for the way he looks and how easily he carries of his clothes.


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