Fab! Or Drab?

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Kalki Koechlin At No One Killed Jessica Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. not digging the hair. the sari is not great but kind of nice all the same. it would probably look better in daylight, i wouldn’t wear it for a night event. but i actually like the sari. for me right now anything other than patchwork sabyas with 3/4th sleeves and blingy manish malhotras with baubles hanging off the pallu is welcome – THAT’S how fed up i am of them.they just found one standard thing that works and then do it do death year after year, no variation or experimentation at all.

  2. I saw the same sari at Bangalore ‘Soch’ outlet for 500 Rs :D
    On another note…I always felt that Kalki’s face looks very aged.Maybe its just me!

  3. This is a look circa the eighties..love the disco type sari (and what a steal for Rs.500 with the long purse. LOVE the outfit however she needs better makeup and the hair needs some drama.

  4. read in the papers that the sari was gifted to her by anurag’s parents. sweet gesture to then wear it for a major event.

    she’s not the sari type though..too girlie for that.

  5. when was the last time you were pleasantly surprised by what someone was wearing? thank the lord for non-conformists like kalki and kiran. i’ve even had enough of the whole “i’m so trendy, i just bought what the net-a-porter mannequin was wearing” brigade that includes the likes of sonia mehra and sonam kapoor

  6. Gah. I really want to like this because I think Kalki is adorable and quite love the sari. Perhaps if it was worn at a day time event with different hair and maybe a contrasting blouse, it would have worked.

    Props to her for trying though. As ‘Slow’ mentioned, I much prefer Kiran or Kalki’s ‘almosts’ to Sonam and Sonia’s ‘perfects’.


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