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In a look very unlike her, Kajol attended the Araish exhibition. She looked good even if we are a tad thrown-off by the headband (by Divo) on her. That said, show of hands… Who is longing for some color on her? We know we are!


Kajol At Araish 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. she looks divine. the headband is adding to her cutesy bubbly face.
    would have loved it even more if the maxi was blue or teal .
    i think she shhould go for other lip colors as well.
    but she looks fantastic .
    Who would say she is 38?
    Come back to films Kajol.

  2. What’s Good:
    Wearing a Belt (lends shape)
    Wearing THIS Belt (great choice IMO)

    What’s Not so:
    Length of the arms (not flattering on untoned arms)
    Headband (takes away from sophistication)
    Wearing shades indoors (really?)

  3. Would have liked another colour, but absolutely oving the bling of the hairband. Kajol, is truly a Diva. She wears any look well.
    Loved the change of look on her. She sure has a fabulous stylist.

  4. *kof* colour *kof*
    hate the maxi, but i’ll give points to Kajol just for not doing that awkward elongate-the-legs pose. seriously, girls, don’t you realise that works only for certain camera angles?

  5. Kajol is such a fashion victim a wanna be happening actress… she obviously just wears whats she’s given and arrives to be photographed ! Highheel her last 2 aappreances have been forced…what was with that shineylycra jumpsuit ??? How could you guys like that ?

  6. when she was curvier, she wore short tight dresses. now that she has lost weight and has a great figure, she drowns herself in endless yards of odd!
    and the colour is terrible, she needs another makeover!

  7. BAD! Brown on brown. Nope. Has never worked and will never work. And i agree with some one above about the length of the sleeve which is only elevating her non toned arms.


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