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Shiney black pants, unflattering top and unsightly sweat stains. Eew.

And its never cool to wear red and green together like that, unless its on a holiday sweater in rural Idaho or beautiful traditional clothes in your mom’s closet.

Its not Grinch who stole the christmas, its Kajol! :)

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Kajol At ‘Alchemist’ Reading

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  1. she probably thinks it non-intellectual to think about her appearance, but not even non-celebs would step out looking like this — and are those sweat patches??!

  2. She is such a charming person……just a little more attention on herself can make her stand out from d rest!!
    She has never REALLY taken care about her appearances but u knw one is never too busy 2 tie-up hair in sweaty monsoon n understand-“My bums r big so I shud stay away frm wearing stuff drawing attention 2 it”……
    Im already sweating only lookin at dese pics…..I hope she din’nt smell too bad wid tht!!

  3. swaet stains!!!
    ew ew ew!!!
    …and about the green and the red, since they are complementary colors I think that they go together superbly
    …I see nothing wrong with the colors…it’s everything else (ESP. THE SWEAT STAINS D:) that put me off

  4. Is it hot or cold? One is sweating, the other is covered up. I like the colours together, but since it’s hot for her, she could have picked a lighter shade if it was the heat she faced in the sun. The satin/polyester pants must be buring her legs.

  5. me too thinks same, forget the dress, but the sweat stains are just unacceptable!
    she has all the money,wonder why cant she pay attention to her appearance. kajol is always a let down.

  6. Whats with the arm band? Ive seen a similar one on Gauri Khan (theres a pic of hers here with her LV thunder where shes also sporting that arm band), Shahrukh, Tusshar to name a few.. and of course KJO as well… if SRK and Gauri are wearing it how can he be too far behind.

  7. But why are the reading the Alchemist NOW? Is it because Coelho has lost a following in the West that he is now promoting his trash in India oops “South Asia”?

  8. oh dear, kajol looks a mess. why are they reading from alchemist now when it was published years ago? btw, alchemist is good but i hate all the rest of paulo coelho’s books.

  9. omg ,I agree with the reader above,she does think that she is too intellectual to look pretty..only she is taking too much effort to look ugly.the sweat stain is so yuckky,i can almost smell the sweat,the top reminds me of navratri festival and the colorful clothes they wear when playing dandiya,the arm band is soooooo not looking good,it almost is to emphasise her arm girth…and why oh why the pants ?beats me ,the only good thing i noticed was her glasses,they look good and hey she matched them to her bag,maybe thats what she wanted to overplay…

  10. Kajol is an amazing actress . I wished she put a little more effort in her clothes . The sweat stains is embarassing . Apart from that I think she looks quite okay.

  11. maybe i’m wrong but i always thought that kajol was more spontaneous and down to earth. she never seemed the intellectual type to me like shabana and nandita.

  12. Kajol looks terrible. BTW, she is not intellectual – LOL. Kajol has stated in interviews that her favorite books are Mills and Boon.

    And charming off screen? NO She has a reputation for being rude.

  13. she’s wearing the arm band for either numerological or astrological reasons…so i dont think we should judge how the arm band looks…its her belief and we should leave it at that.

    but please kajol, we love u so much…just next time, either wear sleeveless or just get deo.

  14. i am also surprised to see a alchemist being read now! it’s such an old book!!

    and i don’t think looking good and being intelligent should be mutually exclusive. come on…i am a geek but i will never look like that! ever!

  15. not done.. Karan is looking way better.. and i am surprised the alchemist showed up now.. this was the only good one, the others are not that great


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