An Almost Ditto!

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In either color, it’s a delightful sari and both ladies looked absolutely lovely… We’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

sharmila tagore-cannes up premiere-jaya bachchan-star screen awards-2010

Left: Sharmila Tagore At ‘Up’ Premiere, Cannes Film Festival 09
Right: Jaya Bachchan At Star Screen Awards, 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Wireimage

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  1. oooh!!my personal vote would go to jayaji simply because i havent seen her looks this young,vibrant and positively pink in such a looong time! She’s usually safely sticking to beiges/golds white and the likes. It is soo pleasing to see colour on her.
    As for sharmilaji, she looks as elegant as ever, and surely someone with royal taste.
    Gosh, i cant help but think, that even after 40-50 years of dressing up for this industry, these yesteryear heroines get it so much more right than some of the trashy dressing from today’s heroines(despite so many options).
    Here’s to finding everlasting style. cheers.

    • Cheers indeed. So true. And to think that the young crop have so much more access in terms of clothes, designers, stylists…and yet they unfailingly get it wrong most of the time.

  2. While Sharmila Tagore looks elegant as she always does, Jaya Bachchan wins this due to the element of surprise. The color, the hairdo with a string of flowers, the batua, the minimal or neutral jewelry(as far as i can see), the lovely smile, the rare well-put-togetherness…lovely.

  3. Sharmila Tagore looks elegant and poised, Jaya Bachchan looks bland, boring and matronly

    The sari itself is quite common, nothing out of the ordinary

  4. Okay, first off, both ladies are just tooo good loooking in their respective outfits. Kudos to Jaya Bachchan for adventuring into Aishwarya-pink land. I thought she worked the color quite well!

    Sharmilaji’s saree though much lighter is so elegant and with the popping pink border contrast and just the right amount of ruby jewelry :) steals your heart. Not to mention the striking face and hair. Timelessly Stylish.

    Secondly, P&P HOW IN THE WORLD did you gals even remember that Jaya Bachchan’s saree was a ditto of Sharmila’s from way long back Cannes ’09. (Thats pretty long ago in fashion land)

    Good eye!!

  5. I so agree with Anu, P&P u girlz rock ! me too wanna know which designer those sarees are from, wud love to lay my hands on Sharmilaji’s saree :-)

  6. Just love the jewellery that Sharmilaji is wearing..and the way she had it contrasting it with the light green…
    love both the looks flowing hair, light green and the bun/flowers with the pink…

  7. Well… let’s just say Saif’s mom look a lot more elegant and classy than Abhishek’s :) But I do think that fuschia sari wouldve looked great on her bahu though :)

  8. Though they both look good, have to give this one to Sharmila. Her dress sense is impeccable. Her hair and accessories are always nice.
    Jaya has worn a mismatched blouse(cream) i wish she wore a light pink blouse, the same as her border and pallu. also somehow the color pink doesnt suit her. a deep red or maroon wud suit her best

  9. oh my god! Sharmila Tagore looks absolutely gorgeous! a beauty with an awesome smile !
    i liked her combination of contrasting ruby set with green saree… and the elegance with which she carries herself .. its not often that you get to see her dressed to kill and loved this departure from her usual subtle dressing sense..

  10. Could someone please let me know what this type of sari is? Looks like Benares silk but not in gold, but in thread? Any special name to this type of sari? I see that Sharmila Tagore wears such saris very often.


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