In Punit Balana

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Janhvi went off-duty in a Punit Balana suit recently. And her accessories for the day included silver earrings and a pair of flats. Not much to fault here; summery and easy!

Janhvi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. can someone explain to me how EVERY suit or outfit they own is a designer piece? I don’t understand, is nothing they own from like local shops or boutiques?

    I ask because I love this simple suit and because I have a suit like this at home as I’m sure many of us do. What is so designer about this?

    • Something from a designer or reputable brand will have better material, customized fit, will be lined, professionally finished (like no loose stitches, no shortcuts, etc etc).
      If a designer is tagging on yo regular garments like this suit then the justification of the price comes with the improvement in quality and over all finish.

      • Also lots of the clothes that celebrities wear especially indian wear are given to them for free if I’m not wrong. If celebs wear them they get more publicity for their brand

    • Designers now make even normal looking stuff cos celebs like her do not go shopping like us at common shops ; plus since paps cover every outing/off duty look of theirs , it helps designers to be showcased at all places !

  2. I find these casual shalwar-kameez outings of the younger Bollywood brigade so pretentious.

    Are we to believe that these really young, uber rich, nepo kids would wear Desi casual clothes if not for the expectation for good feedback on social media?

    Sorry not buying it one bit!


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