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There are some men who can wear pink. And some who clearly can’t. Unfortunately, Jackie Shroff falls into the latter category.

And so when we spotted him at the Police Diwali Mela, it screamed ‘Upgrade’!!


Left: At Hard Rock Cafe
Right: At Police Diwali Mela

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  1. why when bollywood men age they start acting weird, first it was Divanand sahib then Feroz khan now jackie and Anil Kapor , i think they all suffer middle age crisis and think by wearin pink or tight jeans with their big bellies they will look younger that what they are

  2. this is one guy who’s aged really badly… for those of us who remember him looking utterly delish in nightwear in the drinking chocolate (or was it cocoa?) ad, this is a sad comedown! poor guy. not an enviable sitch for someone in a display profession.

  3. pink was for support of breast cancer i was there and flash light on face at night can make even choclate faced heroes scarry too so chill gal he is the best


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