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Another day (or is it hour), another Manish Malhotra sighting… Does this ensemble pass muster?


Ishita Arun At Airtel Mirchi Music Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. would have passed muster with me if it didn’t have that hideous purple pattern border. replace that with something similar to the cowl neck pattern or just plain black, and this would have been a pretty dress. sigh….

  2. Good Lord! Where is the churidar / salwar. Looks like an incomplete outfit. That neckline is just bad. I am tired of Manish Malhotra sub-standard stuff.

    How is it that the celebs don’t see how awful these designs are?

  3. And now Manish Malhotra has ripped off Sabyasachi’s latest favourite idea of covering heavy prints in a layer of thin chunni-like fabric.

    Well, I don’t particularly care for either of the two designers, but I wish MM would stop ripping off Sabya.

  4. If you take an inventory of all his clothes, Manish Malhotra doesn’t even qualify as a designer. His clothes are all ugly, bar none. I think he pays the Kajols and Karishmas to wear his things. I love your blog. Been here long ago and then forgot about ti for awhile. Just rediscovered it.

  5. Am I the only one feeling like she’s missing churidars or tights… or are we just optically too used to seeing this silhouette for kameez tops?

  6. where do i even start? awkward length, the halter neck fabric is something you get in fab india, not at a high end designer. and the border on the skirt is just the ugliest thing i’ve seen lately.

  7. Somewhere there is a churidaar missing its kurta!
    And this idea of prints layered with light fabric is not new…..
    W for women- had this 2 years back!

  8. Chiffon over a print was not created by Sabyasachi was it
    I’ve seen salwar kameezes with that idea for years
    It seems to be the vogue to hate manish malhotra but i dont understand how he is ripping off sabyasachi

  9. Its a bad effort at east and west fusion. It fails to look indian, as lots of people have said its missing the churidar. And it fails to look like a dress because of the neck shape, the silhouette and the border.disaster!

  10. It is def more toned down then other MM creations. Confusing though.. it looks like a salwar kameez but obviously isn’t. The purple border is fugly. MM should take a break from mix and match or give the general public a break atleast.

    • yeh..even i met her in one weedin in hyd..she n het mom both are beautiful ladies…n really nice..particulary isha ..shes very preety…n ila arun wore a pink anarkali which u had one posted n called it hedious bu tit looked real i reached a conclusion that photos not only to injustice to a person but also to the dreeses they wear..thou i m nt sayin that thison is nice or preety..


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