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Update: So, apparently the movie’s official screening is to be at the AIFF and that’s where the ladies will step out in their Red Carpet best.

Anyone else feel cheated? All those fabulous Manish Aroras/other outfits leading up to the movie, and on the actual screening day, this is all we get?

Sure it was a “screening” and not a full-blown “premiere“. And sure everyone else kept it casual too. But… Considering the integral part clothes play in this movie and the fact that the leading ladies had us all in a tizzy over those promo appearances, couldn’t she have just give us something MORE?

Meh. Am just going to pretend this never happened.

Ira Dubey At Aisha Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. underwhelmed i am..but disappointed i am not! she still looks good. maybe the gals needed a break from all the frills and thrills..although can a gal ever want a break when it comes to getting dolled up?hmm..maybe

  2. Dull but liked her in all the Manish Arora outfits in the movie. Some character said that she stood out like a sore thumb due to her way of dressing but the MA outfits were so cool.

  3. Whoa
    I would have not been shocked of such a choice by @sonamakapoor but Ira Dubey seems like she has Manish Arora on speed dial! why?
    …maybe luggage got lost in airport?


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