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Two recent events had Ms. Chopra pair her striped Sabyasachi skirts with simple, fuss-free tops. I see what she was going for, however I can’t help but think the skirts begged for something more.

Sabina Chopra
Left: At Jehangir Art Gallery’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
Right: At Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i hope Sabyasachi is paying this woman to wear his clothes cuz she’s werkin the hell out of this stuff. Better than the dirrty picture wali. (her name escapes me)…

  2. The tops look fine, it is the skirts. First one might have looked good on the runway with something else but it is not the best pick to wear around. The fabric makes it fall like a tent and.. the different colour stripes just add to the I belong to a circus look. The second skirt is fine but why would someone buy that.. um!

  3. Nope they don’t. For a woman of her age & look this is EXACTLY how you wear those skirts… perfect styling! Love that she thinks outside the box.

  4. Love the skirt on the left, though I wish the shirt was different. The entire ensemble on the right is great, though a brighter lip color would have been great.


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